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Weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm at Stoking Radiance starting Apr 22, 2020
During our shelter-in-place, all workouts take place through Zoom. You receive a link to join each class, and you'll meet us online from the comfort of your own home.


Integrated Strength 1 visit freeFrom $0 per visit with First Class Free! pass

Get in a one hour full body workout including strength and cardio exercises. We will use equipment - either resistance tubing or dumbbells AND bodyweight in each workout. Each class starts with a 5 minute warm up and ends with a stretch and meditation. This is a great workout on its own or as an additional strength component to any sport. The mindfulness aspect is just as important as the work out, and the meditation at the end of class always anchors the work we did in class. We get radiant through practicing flexing the muscles of our body and mind.

Mobility 1 visit freeFrom $0 per visit with First Class Free! pass

In this class we'll focus on a combination of flexibility and mobility through stretching and purposeful movements. The purpose is to optimize your other athletic pursuits, prevent injury, and encourage recovery.

Muscle + Mind 1 visit freeFrom $0 per visit with First Class Free! pass

Muscle + Mind is fitness for the body and the mind! We do 30 minutes of pure strength using bodyweight, resistance tubing and/or dumbbells. The strength class is meant to be challenging at many different fitness levels and is followed by 5 minutes of stretching, and then 10 minutes of guided meditation. Each class follows a mindfulness theme from start to finish

Stoking Radiance Online 1 visit freeFrom $0 per visit with First Class Free! pass

Stoking Radiance is a 30 minute LIVE online class helping you get fit in both mind and body. If you have wanted to establish a workout routine AND you want to make meditation a priority, this class blends the two giving you the structure to make it all happen in your busy day.

Join online or via a recorded link at a time that’s convenient for you. Each class includes 20 minutes of strength training, followed by a meditation and stretch.

Private Small Group Strength No purchase required to enroll

Personal Training $60 per classFrom $60 per visit with 1 Hour Personal Training Session pass

Personal training sessions are one on one sessions designed specifically for you. Please contact Sara at sara@saramooser.com to inquire about booking a personal training session. We can discuss your goals, the ideal length of the class, whether you would like to include meditation or not as part of the experience, and more.


Radiance Appointments $15 per appointmentPlans available from $59Purchase required to enroll

Radiance Appointments are all about helping you dig deeper into your personal radiance. This time can be used in many ways:

- To set goals and create plans to reach them (fitness, personal, etc)
- To work on proper form in your strength training exercises
- For deeper accountability
- To practice meditation with a personal guide
- To practice Radiance Tools one on one


Short and Sweet Summer Workouts Part 2 $19Purchase required to enroll

While we travel or are busy with summer activities that might take us away from our usual schedules, it's harder to fit in our fitness and meditation. This collection of 14 workouts ranging from 10 to 30 minutes long were created with traveling in mind, and are great for using anytime, anywhere. Half of the classes are bodyweight while the other half use equipment you might have on hand (like a resistance tube) or can find in a hotel gym (like dumbbells). Four of the fourteen workouts include a meditation as well, which is part of the signature Stoking Radiance style.

In our first session, there were 10 workouts. For this session, there are four additional 15 minute workouts that are designed so that you can use them separately or seamlessly together for one 60 minute class. There will also be four stand alone meditations to choose from.

You not only get the workouts, but you also will receive an email three times a week with the links to the workouts, encouragement to make it part of your day, and the option to respond and let me know how it's going!
Current monthly members will be automatically enrolled. For everyone else, it's a $19 commitment with two weeks of encouragement and continual access to the class videos.